Living Shared Group Practices

Below is a list of shared group practices that we have gathered together during our experiences hosting co-learning encounters and similar community spaces. It is in no way a definitive, or even fixed, list of such practices. We offer it here as an opening to a conversation, perhaps, or as a set of possibilities.

  • Within this community, we will strive to openly share our own ideas, thoughts, and concerns, with our names attached to them.
    • The ideas produced in this community will only leave with the express permission of the participants.
  • As a community of learners, discomfort may be a part of this work. As a group, we would like to respond to this by actively working to recognize it and acknowledge it.
  • Be goal oriented, but be open to the many ways that our goals may be realized.
  • Sincerity is something to strive for, because many of us are figuring this out for the first time. We will make space for things that may seem obvious to some, and may not be to others.
  • We all know something (none of us knows everything); together we know a lot.
    • Indeed, we can’t be sure that any of us knows any one thing in particular!
  • Tolerance is key. It is easy to make mistakes, and making mistakes is OK.
    • Looking for the best solution for our current situation will be difficult, and we acknowledge that we will need to be open about our successes and struggles equally.
    • Indeed, there are more than just mistakes that give us discomfort, there are insecurities as well and they need a space in our conversation.
  • We acknowledge that we are at different stages of our careers and that we have different connections to power. We will actively recognize and work against these dynamics.
  • It is the responsibility of those community members who use the “green check mark” to keep their follow-ons very brief.
  • We try to cultivate generosity as we read, interpret, and discuss. We acknowledge this approach may require deliberate attention and practice. 
  • The convenors will be the last to leave the Zoom meeting. It is the responsibility of community members to be respectful of their time and not keep them there too long!