Guiding Questions for Hosting Your Own CLE

Should you find yourself interested in creating a Co-Learning Encounter of your own devising, we offer the following guiding questions:

  • What needs are you noticing in your community that prompt you to consider leading a Co-Learning Encounter? Are your community members aware of and able to articulate these needs?
  • With whom could you collaborate in co-leading this? Who has qualities, skills, sensitivities, etc… that would complement your own? Is there mutual respect between you?
  • How many hours/day, or hours/week, does your community have to pay active attention to this work?
    • Consider both synchronous and asynchronous time commitments in this estimate. We have found that the amount of asynchronous interaction a community has to offer decreases with the amount of synchronous interaction expected.
  • How will you prepare yourself for being the “one in charge” without being the “one with all the knowledge?” Visualize yourself actively asserting this with your community over and over and with compassion.